Working together to improve the health of our communities


Mission – Vision – Values


Together, and on behalf of the communities of Quincy and Weymouth, Massachusetts, the QWWI Partnership will reach for and achieve measurable population health goals through the utilization and tracking of evidence based interventions that address the priority and optional areas of hypertension, falls prevention among older adults, tobacco, and substance abuse.


Quincy and Weymouth will be measurably healthier communities.

Shared Values

  • Every resident of Quincy and Weymouth should have unfettered access to health, wellness and social services information and services
  • Clinical, Community, and Municipal partners can reliably and broadly impact population health only by joining together.
  • Demonstrate success and challenges, we will embrace the notion and attach the precepts of continuous quality improvement to our work
  • Mindful of the social determinants of health, we will work tirelessly to ensure health parity in all we do.
  • Reduce healthcare costs for all residents of Quincy and Weymouth
  • Decrease the prevalence of preventable health conditions and health risks
  • Improve the management of existing chronic disease
  • Measure our effect and determine “who” benefited from health care cost reductions